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Adlib Manufacturing is Adlib’s in-house, fully-equipped facility, producing Adlib loudspeakers, flightcases and other products. It caters for specific briefs from both our Rental, Sales and Installations departments, as well as external customers large and small.


Adlib flightcases, racks, production cases, or any other bespoke item are all designed in-house and can be customised in form and function to completely fulfil the customers’ requirements. Quantities from a one-off bespoke project to a mass production run can be catered for.

Most products can be branded by routing, screen printing or laser etching as required. We offer a special service to laser etch small, high value items such as microphones to help identify and protect them.

Why Adlib

Value for Money

We understand the need to deliver the optimum balance of specification for budget, and work closely with our clients to evaluate a range of options to meet your needs. Our rental departments constantly transport valuable equipment around the world, where it is subject to abuse from shipping companies, local crew and the general wear and tear of life on the road. As a result, we know how tough our cases need to be and so you can be sure that yours will too.

Advice and Design

Personal attention, quality, expertise in design and solutions are readily available in our manufacturing facility. We are keen to discuss your aims and objectives and advise on the best solution, taking into account flexibility, ease of transport, cost and, of course, protection. All of our products use top quality materials to produce a high quality end product.

Repairs and Servicing

Cosmetic or indeed structural damage to flightcases or loudspeakers need not mean the end of their useful life. Adlib Manufacturing can repair, renovate and rejuvenate items by re-painting, re-carpeting, replacing hardware/components or even completely rebuilding them to their original specification, or to your revised brief.