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At Adlib, we understand the importance of education, particularly in an industry where technology and demands are ever-increasing.  We are strong believers in taking theory and applying it practically in a real-world environment, helping you to bridge the gap between knowledge and experience. Adlib offer training and education services for people at all levels, whether you’re a sound or lighting engineer needing to get a handle on the newest equipment, a school leaver looking to get into the industry or a teacher trying to make sure their pupils get the best start, Adlib has a solution for you.


Why Adlib

Professional Training

Adlib have forged strong partnerships with many of the leading manufacturers in sound, lighting and multimedia technology. We host regular training at Adlib with the support of these manufacturers to provide hands on experience and updates to our staff. This is also open to any of our clients, industry partners or freelance engineers to give them the opportunity to build upon existing skills and stay abreast of the operation of the latest industry technologies.

Throughout the course of the year, a series of training seminars, workshops and sessions will be hosted by Adlib.


Adlib, in association with our industry partners, are road-testing a new apprenticeship scheme aimed at students interested in a career in the entertainment industry. The course is designed to offer interested students the opportunity to actively engage with and learn from leading industry professionals in the fields of Audio, Lighting, Media and Events Production.

Success Stories

At Adlib, we’re proud of the people that have come through the training and education programmes and found sustainable employment in the entertainment industry. Here are some of the stories of staff and establishments we’ve worked with and how Adlib helped them to succeed.