Buy Ex Hire BTR-800 Complete Wireless Comms Package (B4 Frequency Band)

BTR-800 Complete Wireless Comms Package (B4 Frequency Band) (Ex Hire)

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About The Product

Ex-Hire BTR-800 is a two-channel UHF synthesised wireless intercom base station that has been fully serviced throughout its life and is in very good working condition.

This full ex-rental wireless comms package includes 4 x TR-825 UHF two-channel binaural wireless beltpacks and it's frequency range falls within the B4 band, making the base station 536.000MHz - 554.000MHz, whilst the packs are 668.000MHz - 686.000MHz.

Given government's plans to re-purpose the 700MHz spectrum for mobile broadband (4G / 5G), it's worth noting that this wireless comms package will still be LEGAL to use, making this used BTR-800 unit essentially futureproof.

Additionally, the package includes RTS Radiocom battery charger for 4 x BP-800NM; c/w 4 complete with batteries and universal PSU. Custom made Adlib flightcase ensures the ease of transportation making it the ultimate wireless comms solution.

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