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Adlib Audio AA81 (Carpeted) (Ex Hire)

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About The Product

The Adlib Audio AA81 is a versatile, 2-way passive system designed to provide exceptional sound reinforcement from a very compact enclosure. It features a powerful 8” (200mm) low frequency driver and a 1” (25mm) exit high frequency compression driver, mounted on a 90º x 60º horn flare. The 2 way passive internal crossover of the AA81 enables simple high output systems to be put together whilst minimising the amount of power amplifier channels required. The AA81 is fitted with a black mild steel, round-hole front grill, which is backed with an open cell foam to protect the components from dust ingression.

This ex rental unit comes carpeted as a standard and has been fully serviced throughout its life.

Images without the grill are available upon request.

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