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Nexo Alpha System – Complete Package (Ex Hire)

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About The Product

Ex-rental complete Nexo Alpha Package.

This ex-hire system utilizes proprietary dual-ring multipath phase plugs, co-axial HF and MF horns, lightweight honeycomb composite materials and ergonomic enclosure and flying system design in this high-output arrayable system.

Ideal for a wide range of uses, this used Nexo Alpha package comprises:

  • 12 x Nexo Alpha M3
  • 6 x Nexo Alpha B1
  • 6 x Nexo Alpha S2
  • 2 x Nexo Controller
  • 3 x Crown 5002VZ
  • 2 x Camco Tecton
  • 4 x Camco Vortex
  • Rigging and NL4 Links

As with all of our loudspeaker systems, our complete Nexo Alpha Package have been well serviced throughout its life and all of its components are fully tested prior to dispatch.

More images are available upon request.

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