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Adlib is a British loudspeaker manufacturer committed to delivering excellent audio at a competitive price.

Adlib speakers can be found on the stages of major concerts and festivals, as well as in permanent installations throughout the UK.

Because of our experience within the audio installation and rental business, 15 years ago we decided to invest in our own brand of British designed and manufactured loudspeakers.

Adlib speakers have become a staple of professional audio installations in venues, bars, restaurants, places of worship, schools and colleges throughout the UK. At the same time, Adlib speakers can be found at major concerts and festivals and on the riders of international touring artists.

Our design ethos and manufacturing process is based on our experience with, and understanding of, the unique needs of each of these markets and we have designed specific products to meet each of these unique requirements.

Because all of our design and manufacturing takes place on site, and because we hold our own range of speakers in our audio rental inventory, we can offer unmatched level of support and fast response to service requests.

Adlib Stage Monitors

Adlib AAMP2 Stage Monitor
Adlib AAMP2
The Adlib AAMP2 is a compact, low-profile, 2-way biamp stage monitor system combining high output and controlled dispersion with contemporary design.
Adlib AAMP4 Stage Monitor
Adlib AAMP4
The Adlib AAMP4 is a compact, low-profile, 2-way bi-amp stage monitor system combining high output controlled and dispersion with contemporary design
Adlib AAMP5 Stage Monitor
Adlib AAMP5
The Adlib AAMP5 is a compact, low-profile, 2-way biamp stage monitor system combining high output and controlled dispersion with contemporary desig...

Adlib Full Range Loudspeakers

Adlib AA121 Loudspeaker
Adlib AA121
The AA121 is ideally suited to full-range applications calling for an efficient passive enclosure such as live club performance, places of worship ...
AA1214E-V2 Full Range Loudspeaker
Adlib AA1214E-V2
The AA1214E-V2 is an ideal choice for full-range applications that call for an efficient, compact and lightweight enclosure. It’s multi-angle desig...
Adlib AA61 Loudspeaker
Adlib AA61
The Adlib AA61 is a versatile, 2-way passive system designed for applications where high output is required from a light, compact enclosure.
Adlib AA81 Loudspeaker
Adlib AA81
The AA81 is ideally suited for fixed installations for bars, restaurants, club sound reinforcement and places of worship where high outputs with co...
Adlib AAFD3P Speaker
Adlib AAFD3P
The Adlib Audio AAFD3P is a compact high-output true 2-way horn loaded trapezoidal passive enclosure, producing uniform horizontal coverage over th...

Adlib Subwoofers

Adlib AA12HL Subwoofer
Adlib AA12HL
The AA12HL600 was designed to compliment the AA61, AA81, AA121 enclosures to extend and increase the total low frequency output power. It makes an ...
Adlib AA12is Subwoofer
Adlib AA12is
The Adlib AA12is makes an ideal low frequency module for a restaurant or bar application as it features two pairs of recessed wheels making it easy...
Adlib AA15HL-V2 Subwoofer
Adlib AA15HL-V2
The AA15HL-V2 was designed to compliment the Adlib Audio AA1214E-V2 2-way full-range enclosure but is also at home by itself or in pairs to produce...
Adlib AA215HL-V2 Speaker
Adlib AA215HL-V2
The Adlib Audio AA215HL-V2 is a very high efficiency 3000 Watt dual 15” (380mm) triple chamber horn vented symmetrical bandpass sub bass enclosure ...

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