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Adlib holds a large stock of Avolites lighting and video equipment in rental stock. Avolites equipment utilises cutting-edge technology whilst retaining the accessible, intuitive, hands-on familiarity for which Avolites' products are renowned.

Avolites Dimmers and Distribution

ART2000 T2 Rack
Avolites ART2000 T2 Rack
Providing a complete solution to Dimming, Moving Light Power and Data distribution. No need to have separate mains distribution or DMX...
Hire Avolites ART2000 T4 Rack
Avolites ART2000 T4 Rack
The Avolites ART200 T4 Rack provides a complete solution for dimming, power, and data distribution for lighting systems. Because the A...
Avolites Power Cube
Avolites Power Cube
Avolites Power Cube is available to hire from Adlib's lighting hire de...

Avolites Lighting Consoles

Avolites Tiger Touch Hire UK
Avolites Tiger Touch II
Avolites Tiger Touch II is a popular lighting console amongst our in-house engineers and lighting rental clients. Tiger Touch II repre...
Avolites Titan Mobile
Avolites Titan Mobile
Avolites Titan Mobile is ideal for situations where a very portable but powerful lighting console is required. The console is small enough to ca...

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