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The D20 is a passive 3-way compact system, designed for small to medium installation applications where extended low frequencies, superior dispersion control and high fidelity sound are required. Read More

Manufacturer: Coda Audio
Model Number: D20

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D20 systems come into their own then extended low frequency range at high level is required but no subwoofers can be used. In fact two D20 systems will deliver same level of low frequency range and output as a single 18” subwoofer.

The cabinet contains an extremely long excursion 12” woofer and an 8”/1.75” coaxial driver. The advanced design aligns the acoustical centres of the transducers to produce a single point source. This unique loudspeaker technology provides a coherent wave front without hot spots. Precise directivity ensures uniform coverage with perfect time alignment between the components.

Amplification & Processing

The D20 is designed to work exclusively with dedicated Coda Audio DSP amplifiers as an integrated solution for DSP control, amplification, network remote control and diagnostic. The integrated solution ensures optimal performance and protection.

Colours & Weather Protection

Additional colours and weather protection options are available on request.

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