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About Coda Audio LINUS RACK40

The Linus RACK40 system incorporates 4 LINUS10 amplifiers in an 11U touring case with connector panel and power distribution.

LINUS RACK40 is optimised to power the Coda Audio large touring sound systems including:

  • AIRLINE Line Array Systems
  • Sensor Controlled Subwoofers
  • Compact Line Array Systems (bi-amp) in larger configurations

The Coda Audio LINUS RACK40 system rack provides complete housing and and connection for all Coda Audio line array and SC systems.

The touring version includes an internal shock-mount steel suspension system to protect the LINUS amplifiers. This design also includes a rack-to-rack connection system slowing flown or ground stacked configurations.

The installation version (Linus RACK40i) is the non-shock-mount / AC distribution version for fixed installation. This version still includes the LINUS amplification and patch panel system which allows for venues that need to increase the size of their system by hiring in additional Linus RACKs from a a local hire company.

The LINUS RACK40 System Includes

  • 4 x LINUS 10 amplifiers
  • 11U Touring Case
  • 2U PAN8 Connector Panel
  • PD32-6 Power Distribution
  • Internal cables
  • Cover
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