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Primarily designed for integration into the TiRAY line arrays, the TiLOW is also suited for a variety of applications in touring and installations where ultra compact size, high precision, deep bass with directivity control is needed. Read More

Manufacturer: Coda Audio
Model Number: TiLow
Category: Subwoofers

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TiLOW is an ultra compact bass extension for TiRAY that increases the long throw capability of TiRay, enhances the system's low frequency headroom and overlaps both the low range of TiRAY and the ground subwoofers reducing the need for additional subs.

The TiLOW is designed to work exclusively with dedicated Coda Audio LINUS5 or LINUS8 amplifiers as an integrated solution for DSP, amplification, network remote control and diagnostics. The integrated solution ensures optimal performance and protection.

The integrated rigging system allows quick and easy flying or ground stacking.

TiLOW Applications

  • TiLOW flown on the top of TiRAY array (40 - 400 Hz) – increases the array length and enlarges the system long throw capability
  • TiLOW flown beside the TiRAY array (40 - 180 Hz) – optimises the system horizontal directivity
  • TiLOW in array between TiRAY cabinets (40 - 400 Hz) – avoids balcony reflections
  • TiLOW ground-stack with TiRAY (40 - 400 Hz) – compact and powerful solution for smaller venues

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