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CyanView designs and manufactures Cy-Stem, a universal camera control system consisting of an RCP control panel and small hardware modules that improve and simplify the broadcast production workflow. These systems are available to hire from Adlib's video rental department as part of a complete video system.

Cyan View Camera Systems

Cyan View Cy-GWY
Cyan View CyanView Cy-GWY Gateway for Broadcast Integration
The Cy-GWY Gateway, is the heart of the Cyan View remote system. It features the open Ember+ control protocol and provides an interface to a VSM (V...
Cyan View Cy-CIO Camera Interface
Cyan View Cy-CIO Camera Interface
To date using speciality camera often meant the added burden of cabling, incompatible equipment, lack of connections, and so on. To address this ke...
Cy-RCP Universal RCP Remote
Cyan View Cy-RCP Universal RCP Remote
Available to hire as part of a video system from Adlib, the Cy-RCP is a universal remote control panel compatible with any camera. In fact, any num...

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