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Whether you are looking to hire or buy, DiGiCo digital mixing console prices are available from Adlib in the UK.

DiGiCo Mixing Console Prices UK - Buy or hire from Adlib.

The full range of DiGiCo consoles and accessories are available to buy from Adlib with a large number of consoles also available to rent from our audio hire department.

Because we have extensive experience using our own DiGiCo consoles we are able to offer exceptional levels of advice and support regardless of whether you choose to rent or buy.

As well as supplying a DiGiCo digital mixing consoles from our hire department for events throughout the UK and Europe, we offer engineers the opportunity to attend DiGiCo demo and training days at our facilities in Liverpool and Glasgow.

Thinking of buying DiGiCo mixing desk? Because we use DiGiCo products in our own hire stock, our team has an intimate knowledge of the range and are well placed to help you design the right package for your particular application.

Of course, if you buy from Adlib, you can be assured of excellent after-sales support and service from our experienced DiGiCo users and in-house service team.

DiGiCo Audio Interfaces

DiGiCo UB Madi Interface

DiGiCo UB Madi

The ground breaking UB MADI from DiGiCo Solutions allows you playback and record up to 48 tracks over MADI simultaneously via a USB 2.0 with any ...

DiGiCo Digital Mixing Consoles

DiGiCo S21 Digital Mixing Console

DiGiCo S21

Until now DiGiCo’s belief in audio quality and road worthy mechanical design has limited their ability to release an affordable introductory ...

DiGiCo S31 Price

DiGiCo S31

With 31 faders, and three 10" multi-touch screens, S31 is the latest in the S series and still fits in the back of a car!
DiGiCo SD10 Digital Mixing Console

DiGiCo SD10

The SD10 includes many of the SD7's features and benefits, including Stealth Digital Processing and floating-point Super FPGA technology, and ...

DiGiCo SD11 Digital Mixing Console

DiGiCo SD11

The 48 input SD11 digital mixing console is 19" wide and can be rack mounted or used as a table top mixer.

DiGiCo SD11i Digital Mixing Console

DiGiCo SD11i

Think the SD11, but with a bit more of everything. Though aesthetically identical, the SD11i packs more of a punch in pretty much every department ...

DiGiCo SD12 Digital Mixing Console

DiGiCo SD12

The DiGiCo SD12 is a compact digital mixing console with dual 15-inch touchscreens and 72 input channels. The SD12 is ideal for live touring, ...

DiGiCo SD5 Digital Mixing Console

DiGiCo SD5

The SD5 is the modern incarnation of the D5 Live including 253 inputs, 24 aux/sub-group busses and three 15-inch full colour TFT touch screens.

DiGiCo SD7 Digital Mixing Console

DiGiCo SD7

DiGiCo's flagship digital mixing console offers 253 input channels, 128 aux/sub-group busses Stealth processing and Super FPGA technology.

DiGiCo SD8 Digital Mixing Console

DiGiCo SD8

There are two versions of the SD8: a 37-channel version, which boasts three banks of 12 motorised faders and one master fader; and the SD8-24, ...

DiGiCo SD9 Mixing Console Price

DiGiCo SD9

The DiGiCo SD9 is a compact, world-class digital mixing console at an exceptional price point that is available to buy or hire from Adlib.

The ...

DiGiCo Digital Console Racks

DiGiCo D2 Rack

DiGiCo D2-Rack

The compact 9U D2 rack has a fixed format 48 inputs with 16 outputs fitted as standard. The output count can be increased to 32 by populating the ...

DiGiCo SD Mini Rack

DiGiCo SD-Mini Rack

Running purely digital the SD-Mini Rack can run up to 32 ins and outs or if it’s all analogue you need then a maximum of 32 ins or outs is ...

DiGiCo SD-Nano Rack

DiGiCo SD-Nano Rack

The SD-Nano is a 2U rack and can accept SD input and output cards. Running purely digital the Nano can run up to 16 ins and outs or if it’s all ...

DiGiCo SD Rack

DiGiCo SD-Rack

The SD-Rack is configured in a 56 input / 56 output arrangement, in blocks of eight, allowing you to populate the SD Rack with the I/O cards to ...

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