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The ground breaking UB MADI from DiGiCo Solutions allows you playback and record up to 48 tracks over MADI simultaneously via a USB 2.0 with any computer (at 48KHz only).

UB MADI uses USB 2.0 to get a MADI stream in and out of your PC or Mac. It is fully hot-pluggable - audio flows within 4 seconds of the device being plugged in and you don’t need to restart, even if the connection is lost during a recording or playback. UB MADI is bus-powered. Only the USB cable is required to power UB MADI, even if you’re driving signals over 100m of cable.

UB MADI is to delivers 48 channels without sacrificing latency, quality or reliability (full-duplex at 48KHz only).

Because of the huge amount of extra processing power already on-board, as with all DiGiCo products, upgrades to features and capabilities are possible.

As UB MADI is fully digital end-to-end and isn’t reliant on USB’s data clock for timing, jitter is not an issue. All audio data is recovered and input clock tolerance massively exceeds the AES minimum specification.

UB MADI is compatible with virtually all Windows or Macintosh® computers with an Intel® Core™ Duo or better CPU. Recording and/or playing back 48 channels of 24 bit audio requires a hard disk or solid state drive with reasonable performance and minimal fragmentation. DiGiCo provides a high performance, ultra-low-latency driver for both Windows and Macintosh.

UB MADI can receive the first 48 channels of any AES10-compliant MADI stream, as well as coaxial AES3 (AES/EBU) stereo audio.

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