Since 1991, hazebase foggers and hazers have been made in Gehrden, Germany under the strictest standards of quality control.

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Hazebase offers a wide range of foggers, hazers, accessories and pharmaceutical-grade, water based fog and haze fluids.

Hazebase Products

Smoke, Haze, Effects

Hazebase Smoke, Haze, Effects

Hazebase Base Hazer Pro Prices

Hazebase Base Hazer Pro

19″ format hazer that's both quiet and highly controllable. 1500W/ 230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz ...
Hazebase Base Touring Pro Fog/Haze System Prices

Hazebase Base Touring Pro Fog/Haze System

DMX integrated, 2 Channels, 1 x Fog machine, 1 x Hazer, 1 x professional Fan 2600 W / 230V/50Hz ...

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