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About L-Acoustics Arcs Focus

Arcs Focus is a 2-way Constant Curvature WST® enclosure with 15° x 90° dispersion. Read More

Manufacturer: L-Acoustics
Model Number: Arcs Focus

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ARCS Wide and ARCS Focus, part of the WiFo range of loudspeakers from L-Acoustics, brings the legendary sonic qualities of L-Acoustics into a compact, constant curvature enclosure that is perfect for medium throw applications.

ARCS WiFo is the workhorse of sound providers, going from single enclosure fill all the way up to 360° in-the-round coverage.

Because its coverage matches its shape, ARCS WiFo is easy to use, perfectly conforming to any audience configuration using few elements.

As a standalone or distributed system, installers as well as service providers will appreciate ARCS WiFo’s performance-to-size ratio.

Key Features Include

  • Optimized for medium-throw rental and installation applications

  • Plug-and-play package, quick set-up and easy flying

  • Scalable directivity from 15° x 90° to 360° x 90° by 15° increments

  • Fills, distributed systems, FOH, central clusters Innate LF resources, possible extension with SB18 subwoofers

  • LA4X/LA8 drive and protection, same preset for WIDE and FOCUS

  • IP 55 protection rating

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