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About L-Acoustics Kara II

Kara II is available to order immediately and delivery will commence from March 2020. The first clients to place their orders will be the first to receive their Kara II. Please understand larger orders might have to be split into more than one shipment due to expected demand.

There is also a Kara II UPGRADE KIT for existing KARA systems. This kit is unbelievable value for money and will be available from September 2020 – also on a first come first basis. Orders will also be taken immediately.

The Kara II is also available in install-specific versions, Kara IIi, Kara IIiW, and Kara IIRAL, with the latter two featuring white or RAL coating of the enclosure.

Part of the K Series, Kara II is a modular line source system that can be deployed standalone or with its companion subwoofer SB18. Assembled as a variable curvature line source with class-leading SPL per weight and footprint, Kara II is ideal for applications that require clarity and long throw capability such as performing arts, congregations, large corporate, or special events.

Based on the Kara design, Kara II adds flexibility with Panflex. A single Kara II enclosure offers four horizontal directivity patterns: 70° or 110° symmetrical and 90° asymmetrical on either side. With a tighter control of the directivity, the 70° setting brings an additional 2 dB compared to the 110° setting increasing throw capability. With Panflex and inter-element angles ranging from 0° to 10°, a Kara II line source coverage can be precisely tailored to any audience geometry.

On its own Kara II can be used as a main system for vocal reinforcement and music material with light LF requirements or as a complement to large sound systems in fill and delay applications. Associated with its companion subwoofer SB18, Kara II modular system can accommodate any program material requiring bandwidth, contour and output.

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