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About L-Acoustics P1 Processor

The P1 Processor is available to buy or hire from Adlib in the UK. It is ideal for use in a range of professional audio applications including:
  • As a FOH processor for console selection and guest EQ.
  • For integrating other platforms including providing additional processing for L-Acoustiscs powered systems like L-Acoustics 112p.
  • As an audio bridge & signal distribution platform with 20 inputs and 18 outputs including analog, AES/EBU, and AVB.
  • As a platform for multi-microphone measurement with temperature and humidity acquisition and temperature/humidity probe.
  • As a time-aligned, redundant, AVB-AES/EBU-Analog signal distribution system.

Key features of the L-Acoustics P1 Processor include:

  • EQ station with delay and dynamics processing
  • Multi-mic acoustic measurement platform
  • Bridging of ABV, AES/EBU, and analogue audio<
  • Full integration with LA Network Manager
  • Time-aligned redundant signal distribution
  • Offline delay finder and EQ
  • 20 x 18 architecture

P1 Processor I/O and DSP Configuration

20 Inputs including:

  • 4 mic/line inputs with switchable +48 V phantom power and low pass filter
  • 4 analogue line inputs with premium A/D conversion
  • 4 AWS/EBU inputs with big-quality sample rate converter
  • One AVB listener capable of retrieving eight audio channels from one stream (6 channels available when the media player is enabled)

18 Outputs including:

  • 4 analogue line outputs with premium A/D conversion
  • 4 AES/EBU outputs
  • One AVB Talker capable of sending eight audio channels in one stream (depending on configuration - restrictions apply in measurement mode)
  • 1 stereo headphone output

DSP Configuration

  • Dual DSP Core
  • 32-bit floating point processing at 96 kHz
  • Matrix mixing of 20 inputs to 4 independent DSP busses with EQ and Dynamics processing
  • Cue bus
  • Direct routing to any of the 18 outputs
  • Signal generator
  • Media player
The DSP bus processing block includes:
  • Gain, Mute, Polarity
  • Delay up to 4000 ms
  • 16 EQ filters
  • Dynamics processing
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