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About Martin MAC Ultra Performance

The MAC Ultra Performance has raised the bar for extremely bright moving lights and features benchmark output across the zoom range, a true next generation framing system, higher definition optics and astoundingly low noise levels.

Built to support the biggest live events, this powerful workhorse is based on our all new 1150 W, 6000 K proprietary LED light engine and the fixture pushes an incredible 46,500 lumens in projection. The 50,000+ hour light engine also provides high resolution dimming, strobing and Martin’s unique Animotion™ effect.

A 1:7 zoom-range and precision focus-control is provided from the refined optical system. The extensive feature package includes uniform color mixing, variable CTO, additional color and spectral correction filters, Martin’s innovative Extended Framing system, two layers of rotating gobos, full function animation wheel, iris, frost and prism effects, and truly responsive and accurate pan and tilt. And, these features are all packed into a compact, sturdy and legendary Martin design.

The MAC Ultra Performance is perfect for a wide range of concert and touring productions but is equally applicable for noise-sensitive broadcast and theater stage lighting applications. Simply put, when it comes to workhorse fixtures that push the boundaries of output and performance execution, the MAC Ultra Performance stands boldly in a class all its own.

Incredible Lumen Output

The MAC Ultra Performance produces an incredible 46,500 projection lumens. With our tailor-made light engine and optics designed as a single unified system, MAC Ultra excels on keeping output across the zoom range. With high luminous flux and intensity at narrow zoom angles, MAC Ultra delivers the punch needed for the longest throws and highest trims - no stage or venue is too big for MAC Ultra Performance.

Seeing is Believing

Our proprietary LED light engine is the foundation for MAC Ultra visual quality, built around the very latest technology to meet ever-stretched performance requirements. Our engine not only provides impressive metrics, but most importantly is more pleasing to the human eye. With higher red content and 6000 K color temperature for better daylight balance, it delivers richer, more vivid colors and more natural skin-tones.

Visual Excellence for Life

MAC Ultra was designed to not only deliver best-in-class output and quality in its first hour of use, but throughout its product life. The minimum LED lifetime exceeds 50,000 hours and the engine delivers over 90 percent of its initial output after 20,000 hours of full output. In real-world applications, this equals rock-solid performance and stability. Our engineering team has achieved these results through a sophisticated cooling system and by never driving the 1680 W LED package at more than 70 percent of its maximum rating. This combination ensures visual excellence and peace of mind throughout the life of the product.

Precision Optics

With remarkably higher projection resolution and definition, incredible sharpness across the field and enhanced contrast, the MAC Ultra Performance features our most impressive projection system ever. The 1:7 zoom system with accurate focus capability maintains a flat field. The beam stays bright at the edge for higher visual impact and white tones and colors stay more consistent across the beam. Thanks to this optical design, MAC Ultra delivers excellent morphing from one gobo plane to the other and outstanding results when using framing and gobos together.

Extended Framing System

MAC Ultra Performance truly raises the bar with a next-generation framing system. It offers more flexibility, easy programming, quick response time and enhanced shutter angling. Where existing systems have no tilting of the shutter blades at the very edge of the beam and only obtain their specified tilt range when the blades are fully inserted, the Martin Extended Framing System offers fully specified shutter tilting from the very outside of the beam all the way across to the opposite side. This results in limitless, full curtain functionality and the ability to throw more light onstage. And, the MAC Ultra Performance keeps the four framing blades in just two layers, offering more even focus across all four blades.

Ultra Quiet Operation

The sophisticated MAC Ultra cooling system ensures a precise operating temperature window and sets a new standard for low acoustic levels. It’s not only ideal for a range of concert and touring productions but is equally applicable for noise-sensitive broadcast and theater stage lighting applications.

Functional Industrial Design

MAC Ultra features a unique and compact industrial design. Martin’s patented yoke handles provide better ergonomics and safer handling of the light. To benefit stage and set designers, all connectors and the UI are placed on the same side of the unit, leaving the opposite side free from visual distraction. Follow-spot handles are also permanently incorporated, and tool-free replacement of air-inlet filters is easier than ever to access

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