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About Midas Heritage Digital 96-24

The much anticipated Midas Heritage Digital 96-24 is now available to pre-order from Adlib in the UK. We’re really excited about the potential of this powerful but competitively priced console that’s going to be a popular option for rental companies, engineers, live event venues, and places of worship.

Key Features

  • 144 Fully processed input channels (can be delay compensated as aux returns)
  • 120 Flexible Output
  • Aux to Aux plus Aux to Matrix Routing (All Delay compensated)
  • Up to 96 stereo Effects
  • 24 VCAs
  • 24 pop / layer groups
  • True 64 bit FPGA processing with GPU coprocessing
  • Variable phase per input channel
  • 5 tap off points per channel - per send - all delay compensated with true metering
  • Fully flexible processing order including post fader insert
  • Dedicated 16 into 12 shout mixer with instant configuration recall
  • Dual configurable solo busses with duckers and limiters
  • AFL selectable for inputs and outputs independently
  • FX pool of 128 freely assignable dynamics processors
  • Additional FX Pool of 120 Freely Assignable Dynamics Processors
  • 96 stereo 4 band dynamic eqs with MS mid and sidechain per band
  • 32 stereo 4 band multi band compressors with sidechain per band (in future update)
  • Over 40 Effects and emulations, painstakingly recreated including Effects from TC Electronic. Not Limited but including
  • TC Electronic system 6000 fx
  • TC Electronic 2290 (coming soon)
  • Mesa EQ (coming soon)
  • TC Electronic system 3000 fx (coming soon)
  • Hd2a, Hd670,1176kt,R Comp 3,Kt Bus compressor, Mteq eqp-hd, Meq-hd ,M6 compressor, HDistressor (coming soon), HDSpl, Rack Ramp, XL4 EQ
  • 40 18 bit colour 240x240 channel LCDs
  • Dante, Madi and usb interfaces available directly in surface with two CM1 slots
  • Graviton Audio Engine incorporated into surface
  • Two hypermacs configurable for dual redundant or independent operation
  • Increased delay compensation options
  • Automatic detection of clipping channels


Which Midas I/O Units are compatible with the Midas Heritage D

  • DL231
  • DL151
  • DL152
  • DL153
  • DL154
  • DL155
  • DL251
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