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For decades, Neumann has been regarded worldwide as a leading manufacturer of microphones. More recently, Neumann has entered the studio monitoring market, and will provide optimum solutions to its customers in the areas of TV and radio broadcasting, recording, and audio productions.

Neumann Loudspeakers

Neumann KH80
Neumann KH80 DSP Monitor
The Neumann KH80 DSP is an ultra-compact, DSP-controlled bi-amplified near-field monitor with exceptional power reserves New DSP-engine opti...

Neumann Subwoofers

Neumann KH-750 DSP
Neumann KH750 DSP Subwoofer
The Neumann KH750 DSP is a compact DSP-controlled closed cabinet subwoofer. Deep bass in a small space The perfect complement to KH 80 DSP,...

Neumann Wired Microphones

KU100 Binaural Head
Neumann KU100 Binaural Head
The KU 100 is a dummy head microphone for a truly immersive binaural listening experience with headphones. Although it uses only two channels, its ...

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