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Like all SSL consoles the secret to the success of the L550 is SSL’s dedication to great sound. Part of the success is attributable to exemplary hardware performance throughout the signal chain: bringing SSL Studio grade mic pre’s to the stage, outstanding audio conversion, 96kHz operation and magnificent summing. There is a sublime transparency, definition and detail in the fundamental sound of the L550 that is difficult to describe but is immediately recognisable as the SSL signature. An equal, perhaps even greater part of the secret of the power of the L550 is however the way it enables operators to perform at their very best. The deceptively simple ergonomic excellence of the combination of multi-touch screen control with assignable hardware controls, the use of colour coding, the open architecture which lets engineers configure the console layout to suit their own way of working, the arsenal of processing options, the precision and depth of those processing tools L550 processing power allocation and I/O architecture is extremely flexible. The console has 1136 inputs and 1136 outputs. It has 288 mix paths at 96kHz. These paths can be assigned as Channels, Stem Groups, Auxes and Masters to suit demands and configured as mono, stereo or LCR. A mono Channel consumes one path, a stereo two, an LCR three a 4.0 path four and a 5.1 six. 240 of the mix paths are full processing paths and 48 are dry. The combination of full and dry path types can be allocated to suit different applications. Insert Effects have their own dedicated processing which is also dynamically allocated. A 32 x 36 Output Matrix also has its own dedicated processing and can be segmented into four separate smaller matrices if desired. All 36 Matrix Output paths have High and Low Pass Filters, 4 band EQ, 2 seconds of delay and our unique All Pass Filters available. This is in addition to two inserts that can be used with both the internal Effects Rack and external processing.
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