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Adlib supplies Yamaha Commercial Audio products including Yamaha digital mixing consoles for hire, sales and installation in the UK.

Buy or Hire Yamaha Commercial Audio Products UK

With a wide range of Yamaha mixing consoles in our own hire stock, we know our way around Yamaha products intimately and are ideally placed to support you with any questions that you have about the Yamaha product range.

Yamaha Analogue Mixing Consoles

Yamaha MG06 Mixing Desk

Yamaha MG06

6-Channel Mixing Console: Max. 2 Mic / 6 Line Inputs (2 mono + 2 stereo) / 1 Stereo Bus
Yamaha MG06X Analogue Mixing Desk

Yamaha MG06X

The MG06X is a 6 channel analogue mixing desk with 2 mic and 6 line inputs (2 mono + 2 stereo) and 1 stereo bus.
Yamaha MG10 Mixing Console

Yamaha MG10

MG10 is a 10-channel mixing console featuring: Max. 4 Mic / 10 Line Inputs (4 mono + 3 stereo) / 1 Stereo Bus / 1 AUX
Yamaha MG10XU Mixing Console

Yamaha MG10XU

The MG10XU is a 10-channel analogue mixer with 4 mic / 10 line inputs (4 mono, 3 stereo), 1 stereo bus and 1 aux (incl. FX).
Yamaha MG12 Mixing DEsk

Yamaha MG12

The MG12 is a 12 channel mixing console with 6 mic / 12 line inputs (4 mono + 4 stereo), 2 group buses, 1 stereo buses and 2 aux buses.
Yamaha MG12XU Mixing Desk

Yamaha MG12XU

The MG12XU is a 12-Channel Mixing Console: Max. 6 Mic / 12 Line Inputs (4 mono + 4 stereo) / 2 GROUP Buses + 1 Stereo Bus / 2 AUX (incl. FX)
Yamaha MG16 Mixing Desk

Yamaha MG16

The Yamaha MG16 is a 16-Channel Mixing Console with features including: Max. 10 Mic / 16 Line Inputs (8 mono + 4 stereo) / 4 GROUP Buses + 1 ...
Yamaha MG16XU Mixing Desk

Yamaha MG16XU

The MG16XU is a 16 channel analogue mixing console feature 10 Mic / 16 Line inputs (8 mono, 4 stereo), 4 group buses, 1 stereo bus and 4 auxes ...
Yamaha MG20 20 Channel Mixing Desk

Yamaha MG20

The Yamaha MG20 is a 20 channel mixing console that includes: Max. 16 Mic / 20 Line Inputs (12 mono + 4 stereo) / 4 GROUP Buses + 1 Stereo Bus / 4 ...
Yamaha MG20XU Mixer

Yamaha MG20XU

The MG20XU is a 20-channel analogue mixing console: Max. 16 Mic / 20 Line Inputs (12 mono + 4 stereo) / 4 GROUP Buses + 1 Stereo Bus / 4 AUX ...

Yamaha Digital Mixing Consoles

Yamaha CL1 Digital Mixing Console

Yamaha CL1

The CL1 provides dual 8-fader sections in a space-saving console that can be used alone or cascaded to another CL console for input expansion.
Yamaha CL3 Digital Mixing Console

Yamaha CL3

The CL3 includes 64 mono and 8 stereo input channels, 28 mix busses and 8 matrices. 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs are included and these ...

Yamaha CL5 Digital Mixing Console

Yamaha CL5

With 72 mono and 8 stereo input channels, 24 mixes, 8 matrices, and 3 sections of faders, the CL5 is an ideal choice for a wide range of ...
Yamaha LS9-32 Digital Mixing Desk

Yamaha LS9-32

The L39-32 is a 32-mic/line input, 64-channel console that is compact and light enough for one person to move and set up easily.
Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixing Console

Yamaha QL1

QL1 features a 16 + 2 (Master) fader configuration, and 32 mono / 8 stereo mix channels.
Yamaha QL5 Digital Mixing Console

Yamaha QL5

The Yamaha QL5 is a compact console with a 32+2 fader configuration that adapts to a wide range of channel layouts.
Yamaha TF1 Digital Mixing Console

Yamaha TF1

TF series consoles from Yamaha are suitable for a wide range of applications including front of house and monitor applications for live events, ...
Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixing Desk

Yamaha TF3

The TF series consoles from Yamaha are suitable for a wide range of applications including front of house and monitor applications for live ...

Yamaha TF5 Digital Mixing Console UK

Yamaha TF5

In developing the TF series Yamaha engineers built from their existing base of acclaimed high-end mixer interfaces, adding intuitive control in an ...

Yamaha LS9-16 Digital Mixing Desk UK

Yamaha Yamaha LS9-16

The surprisingly small size and lightweight of the LS9-16 make it a perfect choice for applications that require maximum portability and handling ...

Yamaha Digital Console Racks

Yamaha Rio1608-D Digital Stage Box

Yamaha Rio1608-D

The 3U size Rio1608-D is the smaller brother of the Rio3224-D and has 16 inputs and 8 outputs.

Yamaha Rio3224-D Digital Stage Box

Yamaha Rio3224-D

The 5U size Rio3224-D provides 32 ins, 16 outs, and four AES/EBU outputs.

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