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About Yamaha Rio1608-D

The 3U size Rio1608-D is the smaller brother of the Rio3224-D and has 16 inputs and 8 outputs.

CL Series components are not the only Yamaha professional audio devices that will work with R Series I/O racks.

With the Dante-MY16-AUD Mini-YGDAI card from Audinate installed, the M7CL, LS9, DME64N, and other compatible Yamaha pro audio equipment can be used with the Rio Series.

When multiple consoles are connected to one I/O rack unit, analog gain adjustments made by the console operators can result in unexpected level changes. The Rio Series features a gain compensation function that works with CL/QL consoles to automatically compensate for analog gain adjustments in the digital stage, so that the sound level transmitted from the R Series I/O unit to the network remains constant.

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