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About Yamaha RIVAGE CS-R3 Control Surface

The CS-R3 control surface is the core component of RIVAGE PM3 system, with 96 kHz processing. The console is the most compact mixer in RIVAGE PM series regarding the size and weight though the software and operation is almost the same as other RIVAGE PM series.
  • Display: 15" touch panel x 1
  • Faders: 38 (12+12+12+2)
  • Selected Channel section: Dynamics, GAIN, HPF, EQ, PAN, Function Knob
  • Custom Fader banks: 6 x 5 on each bay
  • User Defined keys: 12 x 4 banks
  • User Defined knobs: 1(4 x 4 banks can be assigned)
  • Touch and Turn knobs: 1
  • Analog I/O: 8 in / 8 out
  • Slot: 2 MY slots
  • Ports: GPI (8 in / 8 out), MIDI In/Out, 5 USB (1 for 2-track recording)
  • Power supply: Dual redundant power supply built-in
  • Power consumption: 200W
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 1,145 x 385 x 650mm (45.1" x 15.2" x 25.6")
  • Net Weight: 38 kg (83.8 lbs)
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