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For over 45 years Zero 88 have been designing, manufacturing and delivering entertainment lighting control solutions to a wide range of demanding users in thousands of venues worldwide.

Zero 88 products are a popular choice amongst Adlib's installation and sales departments who find themselves supplying FLX S24 and FLX S48 consoles to theatres, live event venues, houses of worship as well as schools and universities.

Zero 88 Lighting Consoles

Buy Zero 88 FLX S24 UK
Zero 88 FLX S24
FLX S24 is flexible, offering a powerful LED and moving light controller in a small 19” unit with direct access to each of the lights in your ri...
Buy Zero 88 FLX S48 UK
Zero 88 FLX S48
FLX S48 has double the power of the FLX S24 with intuitive and hands-on control of up to 96 fixtures, and a touch monitor output to provide quic...

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