Flight Cases & Protection Sales

Through a wealth of touring experience we understand the need to properly care for your equipment, so whether you need a bespoke or off-the-shelf protection solution, Adlib has the products to satisfy your requirements.

With an on-site manufacturing department we provide bespoke cases for audio, lighting and video equipment. As well as suppling flight cases on their own, we are able to apply our years' of live events and touring experience to design well designed touring packages including equipment and flight cases.

Flight Cases

Peli Flight Cases

Pelican 1510 Carry-On Case
Peli 1510 Protector Case
The 1510 is arguably the most famous Peli Protector case. It's certainly the most popular. It will qualify as carry-on luggage with most airline...
Pelican 1535 Air Case
Peli 1535 Air Case
Meet the lightest premium Protector case on the planet. Up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases.
Pelican 1560 Protector Case
Peli 1560 Protector Case
The 1560 is the larger brother of the most popular 1510 case within the Protector Case family.
Pelican 1650 Protector Case
Peli 1650 Protector Case
Large case from the Protector range family. Ideal for when large amounts of fragile or expensive equipment needs protection.

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