Full range loudspeakers cam be used in stand-alone applications, or as part of larger portable or installed sound systems.

Full Range Loudspeakers to Buy or Hire

Adlib supplies full range loudspeakers to suit a wide range of applications from major concerts, tours and festivals to the corporate and education sectors.

Full range loudspeakers can be rented or purchased through Adlib.

Full Range Loudspeakers

Adlib Full Range Loudspeakers

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Adlib AA121 Prices

Adlib AA121

The AA121 is ideally suited to full-range applications calling for an efficient passive ...
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Adlib AA1214E-V2 Prices

Adlib AA1214E-V2

The AA1214E-V2 is an ideal choice for full-range applications that call for an efficient, ...
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Adlib AA61 Prices

Adlib AA61

The Adlib AA61 is a versatile, 2-way passive system designed for applications where high output ...
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Adlib AA81 Prices

Adlib AA81

The AA81 is ideally suited for fixed installations for bars, restaurants, club sound ...
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Adlib AAFD3P Prices

Adlib AAFD3P

The Adlib Audio AAFD3P is a compact high-output true 2-way horn loaded trapezoidal passive ...

Coda Audio Full Range Loudspeakers

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Coda Audio APS Prices

Coda Audio APS

The APS Is Coda Audio's most flexible solution for medium size applications.
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Coda Audio CORAY4i Prices

Coda Audio CORAY4i

CORAY4I is an ultra compact 2-way line array column designed for small to mid-sized venues with ...
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Coda Audio D20 Prices

Coda Audio D20

The D20 is a passive 3-way compact system, designed for small to medium installation ...
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Coda Audio D5-CUBE Prices

Coda Audio D5-CUBE

The Coda D5 is a passive 2-way 5”/1” coaxial loudspeaker system designed to provide a true one ...
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Coda Audio  G308 / G308F Prices

Coda Audio G308 / G308F

The Coda Audio G308 is a full range multi-purpose 8" / 1" loudspeaker also incorporating flying ...
Coda Audio G512-96 Prices

Coda Audio G512-96

The Coda G512-96 is a multipurpose 12" / 1" loudspeaker for use as part of a PA system or in ...
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Coda Audio G515-96 Prices

Coda Audio G515-96

The Coda G515-96 multipurpose, full range system incorporates a 15" / 1" design that can be used ...
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Coda Audio G712-96 Prices

Coda Audio G712-96

The Coda G712-96 is a full range three-way loudspeaker system that features a high power 12" ...
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Coda Audio G715-96 Prices

Coda Audio G715-96

The G715-96 uses a 3-way 15"/1.4" design and is suitable for use in PA and stage monitoring ...
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Coda Audio HOPS5 Prices

Coda Audio HOPS5

The HOPS5 is a 300W, dual 5” coaxial system with 100 conical dispersion and fixing points
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Coda Audio HOPS8 Prices

Coda Audio HOPS8

The HOPS8 is a high output point source, dual 8" coaxial system, 450W, 100 conical dispersion. ...

L-Acoustics Full Range Loudspeakers

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L-Acoustics 108p Prices

L-Acoustics 108p

Self-powered coaxial loudspeaker with 8'' LF + 1.5'' HF diaphragm.
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L-Acoustics 112P Prices

L-Acoustics 112P

The 112P is a self-powered coaxial loudspeaker with 12'' LF + 3'' HF diaphragm.
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L-Acoustics 5XT Prices

L-Acoustics 5XT

The 5XT offers the pristine, powerful L-Acoustics sonic signature in an ultra-compact 5-inch ...
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L-Acoustics A10 Wide Prices

L-Acoustics A10 Wide

The new L-Acoustics A10 is available to buy or hire from Adlib. The speakers deliver renowned ...
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L-Acoustics Arcs Focus Prices

L-Acoustics Arcs Focus

Arcs Focus is a 2-way Constant Curvature WST enclosure with 15 x 90 dispersion.
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L-Acoustics Arcs II Prices

L-Acoustics Arcs II

The ARCS II constant curvature line source is optimized for medium throw applications.
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L-Acoustics Arcs Wide Prices

L-Acoustics Arcs Wide

Arcs wide is a 2-way Constant Curvature WST enclosure with 30 x 90 dispersion.
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L-Acoustics Syva Prices

L-Acoustics Syva

Syva is a colinear system suited to medium throw applications. It is designed for professional ...
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L-Acoustics X12 Prices

L-Acoustics X12

The X12 is a 2-way-passive coaxial enclosure with 12'' LF + 3'' HF diaphragm
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L-Acoustics X8 Prices

L-Acoustics X8

The X8 is a 2-way passive coaxial enclosure with an 8'' LF + 1.5'' HF diaphragm.

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