Lighting Stand Hire

Hire lighting stands and rigging accessories ranging from small stands for single fixtures to heavy duty stands for supporting truss systems. Our lighting hire department stocks a wide range of stands including products from leading manufacturers like Manfrotto and Mobiltech.

Lighting Stands

Manfrotto Lighting Stands

Manfrotto C-Stand Kit 33
Manfrotto C-Stand Kit 33, Flag Stand
Ideal for supporting smaller lighting fixtures, the Manfrotto C-Stand kit is available to hire from Adlib. The Manfrotto C-Stand Kit includes a ...
Manfrotto Master Stand
Manfrotto Master Stand
Transportable and compact, the Manfrotto Master Stand can support up to 9kg making it ideal for use with a range of lighting fixtures forming part ...

Mobiltech Lighting Stands

Mobiltech ML2 6520
Mobiltech ML2 6520
Mobiltech ML2 6520 stands are TÜV and BGV C1 certified telescopic lifts with industry-leading durability, top levels of safety and unmatched user-f...
Mobiltech ML4 Multi Purpose Lift
Mobiltech ML4 Multi Purpose Lift
Mobiltech ML4 Multi Purpose Lifts are available to hire from Adlib in the UK. Load: 270 kg (595.95 lbs) Weight: 136 kg (299.82 lbs) Max Hei...

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