We supply line array systems from highly respected manufacturers including L-Acoustics, Coda Audio and JBL.

Line Array Systems to Buy or Hire

Adlib supplies wide range of Line Array Systems from small discrete systems like Coda Tiray to large-scale touring systems like L-Acoustics K1.

Investing in a line array system is a significant decision in the life of any rental company or venue. You will want to be assured of responsive support, and the ability to rent in additional elements to supplement your own stock if required.

Because almost all of the line array products that we sell are also available in our hire stock, we are in an excellent position to deliver the level of support that you would expect when making a major investment.

Our award winning audio hire department stocks line arrays from Coda Audio, JBL and L-Acoustics. We are members of the L-Acoustics Rental Network and our inventory complies with the K Standard.

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Line Array Systems

Coda Audio

Coda Audio Line Array Systems

Coda Audio AiRAY Line Array System

Coda Audio AiRAY

The AiRAY is a fully integrated compact 2x 12” / 3-way line array system, designed for wide variety of applications where high output, even ...

Coda Audio TiRAY Line Array System

Coda Audio TiRAY

TiRAY ultra compact line array systems give audio companies a complete flexible plug and play solution for a wide range of applications.

Coda Audio ViRAY Line Array System

Coda Audio ViRAY

The ViRAY is a compact 3-way symmetrical line array module, designed for small to medium venues where high fidelity sound and outstanding ...

L-Acoustics Line Array Systems

L-Acoustics K1 to Buy or Hire

L-Acoustics K1

K1 is the benchmark for sound at global stadium tours and the world’s most renowned outdoor festivals.

L-Acoustics K2 to Buy or Hire

L-Acoustics K2

K2 can be deployed as a complement to K1 or as a standalone system for events or installations with audiences of up to 20,000, without sacrificing ...

L-Acoustics Kara

L-Acoustics Kara

Kara is a variable curvature line source system. Kara elements can be deployed in vertical lines with adjustable coverage with variable ...
L-Acoustics Kiva II line array system

L-Acoustics Kiva II

Kiva II is a new ultra-compact modular line source, adding 6dB of max SPL versus its predecessor, maximized amplifier density with 16 ohm ...

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