Adlib supplies loudspeaker management systems for all of the loudspeaker systems that we supply. We also supply loudspeaker management systems that can be used with a wide range of different manufacturer's loudspeakers.

Buy or Hire Loudspeaker Management Systems

Loudspeaker management systems are available to buy and to hire from Adlib either on their own or as part of a complete sound system.

If you need any help or support in selecting the right loudspeaker management system for your sound system, get in touch with our audio experts on 0151 486 2214 for free support and advice.

Loudspeaker Management Systems

BSS Loudspeaker Management Systems

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BSS FDS 355 Prices


The FDS-355 OMNIDRIVE COMPACT brings the power and usability of OMNIDRIVE processing into a ...

Coda Audio Loudspeaker Management Systems

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Coda Audio DNC260 Digital System Controller Prices

Coda Audio DNC260 Digital System Controller

The Coda Audio DNC260 System Controller is a high performance, easy to use signal processor ...
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Coda Audio LINUS CON Prices

Coda Audio LINUS CON

The LINUS CON loudspeaker management system is designed to control all Coda Audio loudspeaker ...

L-Acoustics Loudspeaker Management Systems

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L-Acoustics P1 Processor Prices

L-Acoustics P1 Processor

The P1 Processor is available to buy or hire from Adlib in the UK. It is ideal for use in a ...

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