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Adlib supplies professional projectors, lenses, and projection surfaces to the live events and entertainment industry from leading manufacturers such as Panasonic and Stumpfl.

With video projection increasingly becoming important part of any show or event, it's important that you get access to the right equipment and sound advice.

Whether you're a lighting designer who is looking to enhance their concert or tour, or event organiser trying to engage with the audience, our video experts will help you choosing the right equipment to buy, hire or install.

Projectors, Lenses & Surfaces

Barco Projectors, Lenses & Surfaces

Buy Barco UDX-4K32
Barco UDX-4K32
31,000 lumens, 4K UHD, 3-chip DLP laser phosphor large venue projector

Panasonic Projectors, Lenses & Surfaces

Panasonic ET-D75LE10 Zoom Lens
Panasonic ET-D75LE10
Zoom Lens, 1.3-1.7:1
Panasonic ET-D75LE20 Zoom Lens
Panasonic ET-D75LE20
Zoom Lens, 1.8-2.6:1
Panasonic ET-D75LE30 Zoom Lens
Panasonic ET-D75LE30
Zoom lens, 2.6-5.0:1
Panasonic ET-D75LE40 Zoom Lens
Panasonic ET-D75LE40
Zoom lens, 4.9-7.9:1
Panasonic ET-D75LE50 On-Axis Fixed Lens
Panasonic ET-D75LE50
On-Axis Fixed Lens, 0.7:1
Panasonic ET-D75LE6 On-Axis Zoom Lens
Panasonic ET-D75LE6
On-Axis Zoom Lens, 0.9-1.1:1
Panasonic ET-D75LE8 Zoom Lens
Panasonic ET-D75LE8
Zoom lens, 7.9-14.8:1
Panasonic ET-D75LE95 Ultra-Short Fixed Lens
Panasonic ET-D75LE95
Ultra-short-throw lens, compatible with all Panasonic‘s 3-chip DLP™ projectors, enables large-screen projection from a short distance
Panasonic PT-DZ13K WUXGA Projector
Panasonic PT-DZ13K
Compact 12000 lumens-class Projector
Panasonic PT-DZ21K2 WUXGA Projector
Panasonic PT-DZ21K2
Ultra-Compact Projection with Up to 20,000 lumen Brightness
Panasonic PT-RZ21K Laser Projector
Panasonic PT-RZ21K
High-brightness 20,000 lumen Projector in a Compact Body
Panasonic PT-RZ670 Laser WUXGA Projector
Panasonic PT-RZ670
6,500 lumens Solid Shine laser projector
Panasonic PT-RZ970 Laser WUXGA Projector
Panasonic PT-RZ970
10,000 lumens-class compact Solid Shine laser projector
Panasonic PT-VW350 WXGA Projector
Panasonic PT-VW350
Light, bright and easy to set up LCD portable projector

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