Buy or Hire Loudspeakers

As a leading supplier of professional loudspeakers to the live events industry, Adlib is able to offer a wide range of speakers to hire or buy from manufacturers including L-Acoustics, Coda Audio and JBL.

When choosing the right loudspeakers to buy or hire for your sound system, it's important that you can access the right advice.

As well as over 30 years' experience providing sound systems for international festivals and tours, we own our own brand of professional loudspeakers that are designed and manufactured at our Liverpool head office.

We hold regular loudspeaker demo days for the loudspeaker brands that we stock. If you would like to arrange a demo of any of the loudspeakers that we have available to hire or buy, just let us know.

Loudspeakers Categories

Adlib Audio Full Range Loudspeaker
Full Range Loudspeakers
Full range loudspeakers cam be used in stand-alone applications, or as part of larger portable or installed sound systems.
Coda Audio AiRAY Line Array System
Line Array Systems
We supply line array systems from highly respected manufacturers including L-Acoustics, Coda Audio and JBL.
Adlib AAMP5 Stage Monitor
Stage Monitors
We supply professional stage monitors designed for use in the live events industry at a range of price points.
Sub-Bass Speaker
Optimised for reproducing the lowest bass frequencies, subwoofers, or sub-bass speakers can be combined with mid/hi speakers to create full sound systems.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Get in touch with our sales team and we'll do our best to help, or point you in the direction of someone who can.