Optimised for reproducing the lowest bass frequencies, subwoofers, or sub-bass speakers can be combined with mid/hi speakers to create full sound systems.

Subwoofers to Buy & Hire in the UK

Adlib supplies sub-bass speakers to suit a wide range of applications from major concerts, tours and festivals to clubs, bars, corporate events, schools, colleges and universities.

We have a wide range of professional sub-bass speakers available to buy or hire. If you need some advice or would like to arrange a demo of any of our products, just get in touch.

As well as offering our own brand of sub-bass speakers, we supply sub-bass speakers from professional loudspeaker manufacturers including Coda Audio, JBL and L-Acoustics.


Adlib Subwoofers

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Adlib AA12HL Prices

Adlib AA12HL

The AA12HL600 was designed to compliment the AA61, AA81, AA121 enclosures to extend and increase ...
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Adlib AA12is Prices

Adlib AA12is

The Adlib AA12is makes an ideal low frequency module for a restaurant or bar application as it ...
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Adlib AA15HL-V2 Prices

Adlib AA15HL-V2

The AA15HL-V2 was designed to compliment the Adlib Audio AA1214E-V2 2-way full-range enclosure ...
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Adlib AA215HL-V2 Prices

Adlib AA215HL-V2

The Adlib Audio AA215HL-V2 is a very high efficiency 3000 Watt dual 15” (380mm) triple chamber ...

Coda Audio Subwoofers

Coda Audio APS-SUB Prices

Coda Audio APS-SUB

The APS-SUB is an 18" compact, high output subwoofer that provides powerful and extended low ...
Coda Audio G15-SUB Prices

Coda Audio G15-SUB

The G15-SUB is a 15" compact subwoofer that provides powerful low frequency response. Low port ...
Coda Audio G18-SUB Prices

Coda Audio G18-SUB

The G18-SUB is an 18" compact subwoofer that provides powerful and extended low frequency ...
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Coda Audio SC2-F Prices

Coda Audio SC2-F

The SC2-F is NOT a subwoofer, it is a sensor controlled bass extension system operating in the ...
Coda Audio SC4 Prices

Coda Audio SC4

The SC4 is a sensor controlled subwoofer incorporating double 18” long excursion woofers.
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Coda Audio SC8 Prices

Coda Audio SC8

The SC8 is a 4 x 18" sensor controlled subwoofer for use in omnidirectional or cardioid ...
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Coda Audio SCP Prices

Coda Audio SCP

The Coda Audio SCP is a high output 2 x 18" sensor controlled subwoofer with a compact, vented ...
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Coda Audio SCP-F Prices

Coda Audio SCP-F

The SCP-F subwoofer incorporates two 18" woofers and is perfectly suited as a subwoofer for ...
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Coda Audio SCV-F Prices

Coda Audio SCV-F

The SCV-F is a sensor controlled subwoofer incorporating an 18” woofer in a compact, vented ...
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Coda Audio TiLOW Prices

Coda Audio TiLOW

Primarily designed for integration into the TiRAY line arrays, the TiLOW is also suited for a ...
Coda Audio U4 Prices

Coda Audio U4

The U4 is a double 18" high output subwoofer that provides powerful and extended low frequency ...

L-Acoustics Subwoofers

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L-Acoustics K1-SB Prices

L-Acoustics K1-SB

The K1-SB contains two 15’’ transducers in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure.and is the recommended ...
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L-Acoustics KS28 Prices

L-Acoustics KS28

The KS28 is a flyable subwoofer comprising 2 x 18" speakers that is powered by the LA12X.
L-Acoustics SB15m Prices

L-Acoustics SB15m

The SB15m is the recommended subwoofer for the KIVA system and the XT coaxial series. It allows ...
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L-Acoustics SB15P Prices

L-Acoustics SB15P

The SB15P is a 15" self-powered subwoofer that is part of the P series range of speakers.
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L-Acoustics SB18 Prices

L-Acoustics SB18

The SB18 is the universal subwoofer designed for L-Acoustics line source and coaxial systems, ...
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L-Acoustics SB28 Prices

L-Acoustics SB28

The SB28 enclosure is a recommended subwoofer companion for the K1, KUDO, V-DOSC and ARCS ...
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L-Acoustics Syva Low Prices

L-Acoustics Syva Low

Syva Low is a high power low frequency subwoofer: 2 x 12'' LF for use with Syva systems.
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L-Acoustics Syva Sub Prices

L-Acoustics Syva Sub

The Syva sub is designed work work alongside the Syva enclosure to extend the low frequency ...

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