Adlib supply a wide range of vocal and instrument microphones for live events and recording including dynamic and condenser microphones.

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Microphones are available to buy or hire from Adlib from leading manufacturers including Sennhesier, Shure, Audio Technica and DPA.
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Wired Microphones


Sennheiser Wired Microphones

Sennheiser e609 Microphone Silver

Sennheiser E 609 Silver

The Sennheiser e 609 Silver is super-cardioid silver instrument microphone and is ideally suited for miking guitar cabs face on a close up.

The e ...

Buy Sennheiser e902 Microphone UK

Sennheiser e 902 Instrument Microphone

The e 902 is a cardioid, dynamic, instrument microphone designed specifically for deep base frequency instruments including kick drums, tuba, and ...
Sennheiser e904 Drum Microphone

Sennheiser e 904

Sennheiser e904 is a dynamic cardioid instrument microphone specifically designed for use with drums and percussion.

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