Outdoor Projection for Liverpool Armistice Commemorations

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The Requirement

As part of the commemorations for the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice, Culture Liverpool enlisted the support of Adlib to produce an installation that would honour the soldiers from Merseyside who lost their lives during World War One.

The concept was a scrolling projection of the names of each of the 14,000 men from Merseyside who lost their lives beamed onto the floor in front of the memorial at Exchange Flags in Liverpool City Centre.

The Solution

The projection ran from Tuesday 6th November with the projection being visible every evening up to, and including, Sunday 11th.

Culture Liverpool provided the video content with Adlib designing and supplying the projection system.

The main challenge was keeping the short-term outdoor installation maintenance free which, in turn, allowed the cost of the project to be kept to a minimum.

outdoor projection liverpool

For this reason, Adlib specified two Panasonic RZ21K projectors driven by a Dataton WATCHOUT media system running on one of Adlib’s custom media servers.

The projectors were installed on heavy-duty stands on the balcony of Liverpool Town Hall shooting down onto the street below – this location allowed them to be protected from the elements. By choosing laser projectors, it was possible to run them 24/7 which meant that they were kept warm constantly and didn’t suffer from condensation despite being installed on the outdoor balcony.

In addition to the projection, Adlib lit the memorial statue using Ovation LED profiles.

The Result

The project was featured in the local and national news and drew widespread attention on social media.

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