Outdoor PA Hire in Liverpool – “Memories of August 1914”

"Memories of August 1914" - The Giants

Case Study: Liverpool City Council - Liverpool, UK

L'Acoustics PA system hire for an outdoor event at St Georges Hall in Liverpool.

The Requirement

The incredible 4-day public theatre show "Memories of August 1914" saw the return of the Royal De Luxe marionette Giants to Liverpool's streets.

Adlib were contracted by Liverpool City Council to provide PA systems for a major outdoor event taking place at 7 locations across Liverpool with crowds of between 10,000 and 40,000 at each site.

The Solution

It was, a vast logistical operation for Adlib, which was co-ordinated by Director Phil Stoker and involved 16 Adlib technicians. PA systems were derigged from one site and had to leapfrog ahead of the procession in order to be set up in the next location.

The various audio systems – all based around L-ACOUSTICS or Coda elements – were co-designed by Adlib’s Tony Szabo and Royal De Luxe’s Sound Designer, Stephane Brosse.

In all cases the audio signals from the music / band truck accompanying the giant marionette cast of three characters – the Little Girl, the Grandmother and Xolo the dog – as they moved around town were beamed via RF link over to the Adlib systems at each of the stopping points.

The Result

Adlib met every one of the significant logistical challenges set (including a set up time of less than 4 hours for the PA system at the largest site) and played our part in entertaining an estimated 1 million people were pulled into downtown Liverpool for the spectacle.

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