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Why we're doing this

COVID-19 has forced a sudden transformation of live events.

While many events have been canceled, postponed, or turned into Zoom calls, we've been helping our clients to design, produce, and broadcast virtual alternatives to their physical events – without compromising on audience engagement and production values.

Whether you're looking to take an event online, find ways to reach new audiences, or make the most of your venue we'd love to share our experience with you.

How others are using their consultation

  • Talk over your ideas with someone who's been there and done it, seen what works, and see what doesn't.
  • Hear what other people in your sector are doing to adapt to the current environment.
  • Get creative and technical advice from an experienced professional who will work at your pace and help to enhance your ideas.
  • Receive advice about how to get the best value from your existing equipment, your event budget, or your venue.