Audio & Lighting Installation at Liverpool Guild of Students

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"Whoever said “the impossible takes longer” obviously didn’twork on the Liverpool Guild of Students. Well done and congratulations on agreat project and I very much look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Andy Murphy, University of Liverpool

The Requirement

As part of a major £14 million refurbishment and upgrade project, University of Liverpool were looking to improve Mountford Hall - a well-respected and loved gig venue on the college / academy live circuit that runs an action-packed programme embracing all genres of music and performance.

Adlib – whose reputation for designing rider-friendly touring spec systems for top venues on the UK gig circuit has recently included working at Cambridge Corn Exchange and the Engine Shed at Lincoln University – won a competitive tender for the supply.

university audio and lighter installer

The Solution

Adlib was appointed early enough to have an input into certain construction related elements of the building’s redevelopment which related to the production areas via structural engineers (OPUS) which resulted in additional weight loading being made available for flown trusses and lighting and sound systems in Mountford Hall.


Nine KARA speakers were specificed to be flown left and right of the stage with three SB18 subs hung behind each array. These were complimented by eight ground-stacked SB28 subs along the front of the stage. Four L-Acoustics ARCS Wides were available for fills and 12 of Adlib’s MP4 low profile wedges were supplied for monitors together with an Adlib 215DS drum sub. Balcony delays were provided via four ARCS Focus speakers, one 12XTi and two 8XTis.

All the L-Acoustics elements are powered by proprietary LA8 and LA4X amplifiers and the Adlib speakers by Crown XTi 6002s. System processing is provided via a BSS Soundweb London BLU-160 networked processors.

For control, Soundcraft consoles were chosen for specification and its reputation for reliability as well as offering great sound, intuitive user interface and adaptability, with a Vi3000 console for FOH and a Vi1 for monitors.

The PA arrays and the lighting trusses were both flown on LTM’s LoadGuard motors and their respective cabling run and supported via a custom IGUS e-Chain and e-Spool cable management system.


For lighting 12 of Robe’s multi-functional Pointes were picked for their versatility and the fact that they can be a beam, wash, spotor effects fixture - giving great all round value. They are joined by 12 Martin MAC Aura LED wash fixtures and six ETC Source Four Zooms for key lights and specials. For effects there are eight 2-lite blinders, Atomic strobes and two Martin Magnum 2500 hazers, all run from an Avolites Pearl Expert console. The lighting was also spec’d to be as flexible and dynamic as possible and cater for a range of performance genres.

The Result

The chosen KARA PA system is fully flexible and can be adapted to different configurations, offering a cost-effective long term solution which sounds fantastic. The room was fully acoustically modeled by Adlib and L-Acoustics before the components were chosen to give the optimum clear and sonically uniform coverage around the 2300 capacity venue.

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