Creating an Immersive Brand Experience at RHS Urban Show 2024

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FreshBritain, a brand agency collaborating with clothing company Mad About Land, the main sponsor for the Royal Horticultural Society’s RHS Urban show at Manchester’s Depot Mayfield in April 2024, were searching for projection mapping specialists to bring their vision to life based on an initial design concept.

The primary goal of the collaboration was to expose the showgoers to the Mad About Land brand, a brand specialising in clothing designed for the love of gardening. The most significant footfall at the show would have been at the ticket hall, presenting FreshBritain with an opportunity to create a captivating and immersive environment for the clothing brand, resulting in the biggest impact of this brand activation.

Given Depot Mayfield's diverse and challenging spaces, including its unique architecture and large-scale layout, it was immediately apparent that a site visit was necessary to understand the broader scope of the project and achieve the desired results.

While the projected content allowed for a great level of flexibility, the space presented the Adlib team with some complex challenges to overcome. After some in-depth discussions with the client, the Adlib team suggested a slightly different solution to projection mapping that would also create the immersive environment they were looking for.

The proposed use of moving light fixtures with gobos promised exceptional results while maximising efficiency.

Understanding that the client was unfamiliar with this setup, the team curated sample materials based on their previous work and conducted a pre-event test at the venue. By showcasing the capabilities of their equipment through photos and detailed documentation, Adlib provided the client with a tangible preview of the proposed solution. Collaborating closely with the client, Adlib’s in-house design team fine-tuned the design to ensure it aligned with their vision.

The Adlib team not only set up the lighting but also strategically placed several loudspeakers along the ticket hall, adding the soothing sounds of birdsong to enhance the immersive experience.

Additionally, the team assisted in designing a bespoke truss tower and scaffolding structure to accommodate the lighting fixtures, illuminate exhibition pieces, and offer versatile hanging options for Mad's clothing displays.

Here's a glimpse of the equipment deployed for this project:


  • 23x Ayrton Perseo fixtures featuring a mix of 20 full-colour glass gobos and three monochrome metal gobos.
  • 8x Chauvet Colorado 1QS fixtures
  • 1x Avolites Quartz console for seamless control RIGGING
  • 11x 2.5m H40 truss towers paired with 50m of adjoining scaffolding for robust support


  • 16x Coda Audio HOPS5 speakers complemented by an A&H SQ5 mixing console for exceptional sound quality

The collaborative approach, attention to detail, and commitment to exceeding client expectations culminated in a successful showcase at the RHS Urban Show in Manchester. Adlib's gobo projection solution brought FreshBritain’s vision to life, successfully bringing the Mad About Land brand closer to its customers whilst creating an immersive and unforgettable experience.

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