Audio, Lighting & Video for Mrs Brown’s Boys Tour

Mrs Brown's Boys 2015 Arena Tour

Case Study: Mrs Brown's Boys - UK


Due to the complexity and unpredictability of the Mrs. Brown Live shows we need a production supplier that is on side. The Adlib team provides us with the full package.

Martin Delaney, Mrs Brown's Boys Producer

The Requirement

Adlib has a long-term relationship with the touring version of the multi award-winning sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys and supplied full technical production including sound, lighting and video for the various legs of the 2015 area tour and live DVD shoot.

This year LED video screen replaced the projection systems of previous tours with a new lighting, sound and video design based around the brand new set designed by Frankie & Brian.

The Solution

The whole production was tailor made to suit each of the arenas on the itinerary and Adlib looked after all equipment, logistics, prep and crewing. This approach allows the system to be fine tuned to each performance space.

The video system centred around 6.5 metre wide high resolution video screens and four Sony HSC-100 cameras controlled by a Black Magic switcher.

The 2015 tour lighting design was again created by Mike Summerfield who has been on-board for several years. It features a selection of moving lights including Martin MAC Viper Profiles and Washes and ARRI 2Ks. The lighting aesthetic is bright, bold and rambunctious – much like the humour!

FOH engineer Kenny Perrin has ensured Mrs Brown’s sonic excellence for the last decade and continues this year utilising another Coda Audio system from Adlib. The show has used Coda for some time with great success.

One of the general requests from Mrs Brown’s production team was that they didn’t want any cabling to be visible, so Adlib engineered a 47 metre cable bridge for the tour, emanating from the backstage drape line to the rear of FOH which takes care of the cabling for the PA and LED delay screens.

Also new this year, Adlib added a pipe-and-drape specialist to their crew to look after the copious amounts of this ingenious production asset which is being supplied to provide all the quick-change areas, dressing rooms, green rooms, catering and other backstage facilities.

The Result

It’s a fantastic tour for Adlib, the show is side-splittingly funny and highly entertaining, and after 15 years still at the cutting edge of humour. We also have a really fluid dialogue with everyone involved in the production side, and they trust us implicitly to deliver the best technical specs and very highest production standards

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