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Outdoor Projection Mapping

Outdoor projection mapping is popular for both public events and marketing campaigns. Typically we are asked to work on architectural video mapping projects where we project onto buildings either in high footfall areas, or to create a high impact entrance to an event.

When projecting onto large buildings, we use high-power projectors, often “stacking” more than one projector to increase the brightness of the image. Even at night, there can be high ambient light levels (especially in city centres). We use our experience to specify the right equipment for your environment and size of projection – balancing the cost of equipment with the quality of output required for the project.

A particular challenge of outdoor projection mapping projects is avoiding obstacles. Whether it’s overhead cables, lamp posts, trees, or parked vehicles these obstacles can get in the way of the projection causing shadows to be cast. Avoiding these requires careful planning and flexible rigging options. We have developed a range of rigging methods that allow us to house the equipment and get it supported at the right height whilst also protecting the expensive projection equipment from the elements.

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3D Projection Mapping

3D projection mapping is the process of transforming any object into a display surface for video projection. The surface could be anything from a cupcake to a stage set, a car to a skyscraper.

Our video department has extensive experience providing 3D projection mapping onto almost any surface. We create projection mapped content and supply projection equipment for marketing campaigns, public events, theatrical productions, concerts, and exhibitions.

Recent projects include projection mapping the front of the Marks & Spencer store on Church Street in Liverpool.

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Outdoor 3D Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping Artworks

Projection Artworks

We have worked on some of the most ambitious projection installation projects including Terracotta Warriors and have considerable experience helping artists, museums, galleries, and designers to turn their ambitions into reality.

We help artists with all of the technical aspects of their installation from choosing the right equipment through to installation and commissioning. We collaborate closely throughout the design process to ensure that the technical aspects of the installation do not get in the way of the creative output.

Because of our experience working with a wide range of artists, we are ideally positioned to support exhibition designers looking to commission a projection artwork. We can manage the whole process from concept to installation and support drawing on our network of projection artists and creative video experts when required.

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Projection Mapping Stage Design

Projection mapping is becoming an increasingly popular choice for stage backdrops at concerts, conferences, awards ceremonies, and other live events.

Our video department has designed projection mapped stage sets for major events including the Travel Counsellors conference at Manchester Central, and a major dinner at St George’s Hall in Liverpool (pictured).

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Corporate Event Production St Georges Hall Liverpool

Projection Mapping Services


Drawing on over 30 years of experience in live production, our creative and technical experts can help you create a concept personal to your requirements.

With a focus on technology enhancing the user experience, rather than getting in the way, we allow the content brief to shine through. We love developing ideas through this stage. When it comes to content, our team love pushing boundaries.

With experience in interactivity, augmented and virtual reality, we encourage you to think differently.

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With advance pre-visualisation systems, we work closely with clients to ensure all aspects of the concept are covered.

With in-house skills in sound design, lighting design, 3D art, systems integration and much more, we will cover all bases for you.

At this stage, we integrate with venues, other suppliers, local authorities, artists and other event contractors to ensure the end result is as polished as can be.

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When arriving on-site, most of the hard work is done and we can focus on what really matters – the user experience.

Our technical engineers, project managers and creative staff integrate seamlessly to bring your concept to life.

Whether working on permanent, semi-permanent or temporary installations, quality of installation is paramount here. Our professional staff work with great attention to detail producing results that constantly exceed expectations.

Get in touch to find out how.

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Projection Mapping Equipment Rental

Panasonic Projectors Hire

Projector Hire

We stock HD and 4K projectors with a range of lenses allowing us the flexibility to project onto almost any object or building. Our projectors range from small, portable projectors to large-format 20,000 lumen projectors ideally suited to major outdoor projection projects.

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Media Server Hire

Media servers are used for playback and mapping of video content and are the “brains” behind a projection mapping project. Adlib stock a number of different media server systems including Dataton Watchout and Green Hippo Hippotizer.

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Video Equipment Rental - Projectors at a conference

Rigging Hire

The most complex projection mapping projects call for innovative rigging solutions to get the right projectors mounted in the right positions. We have a “can-do” attitude when it comes to solving difficult technical challenges and the creativity and experience of our rigging team has allowed us to deliver projects that others have said are impossible.

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Projection Mapping Examples

Terracotta Warriors 3D Projection Mapping

An army of 2,200 year-old terracotta warriors go on display at World Museum Liverpool this week as part of a blockbuster  exhibition for the city. Liverpool museum bosses are expecting 450,000 visitors over the next eight months with 141,000 tickets having already been sold.

Adlib has specified, supplied, and installed all of the audio visual equipment including complex projection systems and surround-sound audio installations . You can read more about the project here.

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Terracotta Warriors Installation

Video Equipment Hire

Travel Counsellors Stage Set Projection Mapping

The Adlib team pulled together to get the set up complete within a very tight time schedule in the two large exhibition spaces with only 19 hours to achieve it. In the main conference room, Adlib used eight Panasonic PT-DZ21K Projectors blended with a Barco E2 screen management system to create a visually stunning projection mapped stage set.

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Adlib Joe Pointing

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