Al Mouat

Al Mouat


What did you do before you joined Adlib? 

I joined Adlib in September 2016. Before that I was a Manager at Tour Supply.

Do you have any qualifications or interesting experience that help you in your job? 

I trained to be a printer but then ran off the join the rock’n’roll circus. I don’t have any directly relevant qualifications but I do have 8 years’ of touring experience and then 9 years working at Tour Supply.

What areas do you specialise in? 

I know a fair bit about wireless but wouldn’t call myself an expert. One of my main jobs here is the ex-hire sales.

Why did you decide to join Adlib? 

The company’s reputation for looking after it’s staff and customers was the biggest draw for me. I love being in contact with so many different people in all the different aspects of the music business.

What won’t you leave the warehouse / office without?

I never go anywhere without my phone …. and a big smile.

What do you do when you aren’t working? 

Changing nappies or riding my motorcycle.

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