Barclay Dakers

Barclay Dakers

Sales and Business Development Manager

What did you do before you joined Adlib? 

Before Joining Adlib in March 2016, I worked with various specialist Theatrical and Event companies in Installations and Sales. Before that, I worked during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with various Production Companies.

What qualifications or interesting experience do you have? 

Working as Production Manager during the Fringe, I had to use both sound and lighting skills. More often than not, having one hand on a sound desk and the other operating lights! I also have an Honours Degree in Marketing.

What does your role at Adlib involve?

My role involves visiting venues, theatres, schools and entertainment spaces building the profile of Adlib in Scotland.

What do you specialise in?

I specialise in communication and am happy to converse with everyone from Designers and Architects to everyone working as Project Managers and Crew. Happy to talk ‘tech’ or explain the ‘tech’ to others.

What drew you to Adlib? What do you like most about your job?

I was first drawn to Adlib by the fantastically friendly and ‘can-do’ attitude of everyone there. The knowledge-base of everyone there is truly phenomenal and are more than happy to help out if you don’t have the information to hand. I was very impressed by Adlib’s commitment to offering Training Courses to everyone in the Industry. I believe that putting this amount of effort into encouraging the next generation (and continually improving the skills of the current generation) really sets them apart from any other company out there.

As most of my time is spent on the road, I particularly enjoy the fact that every day is different. I can be in a large-scale concert venue one day and a small comedy club the next. This variety of work places and the people you meet, makes for a very enjoyable workplace.

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