Harry Brown

Harry Brown

Sales Administrator

What did you do before joining Adlib? 

I joined Adlib in July 2016 after a number of years working in MiPro sales.

Do you have any qualifications or interesting experience?

I graduated from LIPA in 2009 with a degree in Sound Technology.  When not at work, I play guitar in my 10-piece originals funk/soul band The Soul Rays.

What does your role at Adlib involve?

Providing customers with quotations/pricing on products.

What areas do you specialise in? 

With a background in studio work, I specialise in audio. 

What do you like most about Adlib?

I’m very happy to be at Adlib and grateful for the opportunity to work with such an experienced team of people! Everyone has been very kind to me in the few months since I started.

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