Adlib at Celtic Connections Festival 2024

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The Requirement

Adlib, a leading provider of professional audio systems, had the privilege of supporting the Celtic Connections Festival in 2024. With their expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional audio quality, Adlib deployed state-of-the-art equipment to various venues, including the Strathclyde Suite, New Auditorium, Barony Hall, and The Mackintosh Queen's Cross Church.

The Solution

Strathclyde Suite

Adlib deployed a ground-stacked L-Acoustics KARA II system at the Strathclyde Suite, complemented by X8 fills and SB18 subs. This configuration ensured total coverage for the audience while Adlib's custom Lake Control rack fine-tuned the system for optimal performance. L-Acoustics X15 stage monitors provided excellent monitoring capabilities, with a microphone package featured renowned brands like DPA, AKG, Neumann, Shure, Beyerdynamic, Audix, and Sennheiser. The control package centred around Midas Pro mixing consoles and DL431/DL451 infrastructure.

New Auditorium

In the New Auditorium, Adlib deployed an L-Acoustics X15 monitor system, complemented by a DiGiCo SD9 console. This setup and an extensive microphone package and stage framework enhanced the Adlib-installed house L-Acoustics KIVA system.  

Barony Hall

Adlib chose a CODA Audio ViRAY ground-stacked line array system for Barony Hall. The coverage proved outstanding, with two stacks of six ViRAY and SC2-F subs, receiving praise from production staff and audiences alike. Adlib also deployed L-Acoustics X15 wedges for optimal audio quality. The audio control was managed by Allen & Heath C1500 consoles and a CDM48 mix rack, offering excellent sound quality and compactness. The carefully selected microphone package accommodated the wide variety of acoustic instruments expected at the festival.

The Mackintosh Queen's Cross Church

The historic Mackintosh Queen's Cross Church presented unique challenges, which Adlib successfully addressed with an L-Acoustics KARA II ground stack. This line array system covered the main nave and balcony areas, ensuring a consistent experience for all audience members. Freestanding L-Acoustics X8 speakers provided additional coverage.  

Adlib's choice for the monitor system were L-Acoustics X12 stage monitors, delivering the required audio quality within the limited space of the festival's smaller stages. The console of choice was the DiGiCo SD12, which offered maximum flexibility and efficiently handled the mixing requirements for stage monitors and FOH audio. Adlib's microphone package was carefully tailored to accommodate the wide range of performers featured at Celtic Connections.

The Result

Throughout the festival, the Adlib team showcased their expertise in deploying professional audio systems at various venues. With their dedication to delivering exceptional audio quality, Adlib catered to the diverse and specialist needs of the festival's artists. Their choice of equipment, including L-Acoustics, CODA Audio, DiGiCo, Allen & Heath, and comprehensive microphone packages, ensured outstanding audio experiences for both performers and audiences.

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