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An Immersive Exhibition for National Museums Liverpool

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“I, too, am a survivor” is an installation Adlib completed at the World Museum in Liverpool. Situated in the World Cultures gallery, the installation features a 360-degree immersive projection space that incorporates seven object cases seamlessly into the walls, each featured as part of the presentation.

The entire installation loops every 15 minutes, providing a comprehensive experience for gallery visitors. To achieve this, Adlib deployed six Panasonic PT-RZ690 laser projectors, which deliver a brilliantly vibrant image with long-lasting quality.

For seamless operation, the Adlib team connected all six projectors using Panasonic DIGITAL LINK technology. This involved the use of BlueStream HD-based transmitter boxes to transmit both video and network signals to the projectors.

The audio component of this installation consists of six Adlib AA61 loudspeakers, a single Adlib subwoofer, and an Ampetronic hearing loop for assisted listening. Utilising Adlib loudspeakers allowed Adlib’s engineers to anticipate and adjust the acoustic environment accordingly, making for a timely installation and troubleshooting.

World Museum was exceedingly pleased with the immersive atmosphere Adlib created, as the installation allowed the story to envelop the viewer. As a project, Adlib takes pride in its ability to seamlessly integrate resources from video to audio, fabric, set construction, and lighting into a single project, resulting in high-quality output.  

About the display

Sarah Howe, a T.S. Eliot Prize-winning poet, invites you on a captivating journey through our new Chinese ceramics display. Through an immersive and visually striking experience, we delve into the imagined lives of seven objects.

By adopting the perspective of these objects - exploring their journeys, their sense of belonging, moments of dislocation, and their enduring resilience - we gain not only insights into their history but also a deeper understanding of ourselves. Discover this mesmerizing display by watching the video and uncover the fascinating story behind this collaborative project. Additionally, you can immerse yourself in Sarah's poems created specifically for this display, available for both listening and reading.

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