St Serf's Parish Church AV Installation

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The Requirement

After reading about a number of successful church audio visual installations completed by Adlib, St Serf's Parish Church asked Adlib to help design and install a video system that would provide a large format screen to display content during services.

St Serfs Church Screen Installation

The Solution

The project included designing a screen installation method that didn't obscure the stained glass window or Grade A Listed beautiful wooden partition - a challenge that was overcome by installing a Sapphire Smart Move screen that allowed the screen and its housing to retract into the ceiling when not in use.

To allow for connection points throughout the church, the installation team installed cabling infrastructure below a newly installed floor with under floor heating. The team manufactured custom "dip traps" allowing these connection points to be installed discreetly.

Adlib supplied and installed a Panasonic DZ13K 12,000 lumen projector. A Sapphire Blue Stream AV Matrix HDBaseT Matrix Kit allowed multiple input points around the building to feed the projector as well as comfort monitors for the Minister and Organist.

St Serfs Church Projector Installation

The Result

Over several site visits, the Adlib Installations Team were able to discuss the exact requirements for the installation at length and design a system that fulfilled the current requirements whilst ensuring capability for future expansion. Adlib were chosen based on their ability to deliver a solution that was flexible enough to cater for all of St Serf's exact requirements and preserving the aesthetics of the building.

St Serfs Church Screen Installation

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