Buy Church AV Equipment

Buy Church AV Equipment

Buy professional sound, lighting, and video equipment

We work with churches and places of worship throughout the UK providing sound, lighting, AV, and stage engineering equipment.

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Make the right investment

We take 35 years’ experience designing sound, lighting, and AV systems and apply it to make sure you choose the right equipment, first time.  

That means choosing equipment that:

Delivers what you need it to now and in the future

We know will last, and that can be easily maintained to extend its life

Offers the right combination of features and simplicity to match the skills of your staff and volunteers

Fits your budget

Buy New

We have long-standing relationships with most major brands of audio, lighting, video, and stage engineering equipment which means we can help you choose the right solution for you rather than pushing you to buy from a limited range of manufacturers that we supply.

We offer helpful advice, competitive pricing, and after-sales support to help you make the most of your new equipment.

Buy Ex-Hire

Buying quality used equipment can enable you to get more from your budget than buying new, and this is a popular option for many of the places of worship we work with.

All of our ex-rental equipment has been professionally maintained, serviced, and looked after by experienced engineers throughout its life so you can be confident you’re choosing a product that will last for years to come.

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Make the right investment

One supplier and one point of contact, means a co-ordinated team and better value for money


Design, supply, and installation of professional audio systems for music, speech, public address, and communications.

Sound System Installation

Design, supply, and installation of professional stage lighting, house lighting, and venue lighting systems.

Lighting Installation

Design, supply, and installation of professional video systems for presentations, events, live-streaming, and show relay.

Video Installation
Mechanical Engineering

Design, supply, and installation of mechanical engineering systems including stage rigging, curtain tracks, safety curtains, and rostra.

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Mechanical Engineering
Cabling Infrastructure

Design, supply, and installation of cabling systems to support audio, lighting, and video systems.

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Design, manufacture, and installation of custom drapes including stage curtains and venue drapes.

Equipment Rental

A single source supplier for your production.

Regardless of whether it's a dry hire or a supported hire, you get access to the same support and experience as you plan your project.

Get access to over £20m of equipment and a team with 30 years’ experience working in most popular venues across the UK and Europe.

£20m + of equipment
In-house transport & logistics team
Pre-production / prep space
Access to CAD and design suite

Get our rental inventory

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Maintenance Contracts

Preventative maintenance is key to extending the working life and resale value of your equipment.

Whether you bought from Adlib or not, our service department offers maintenance contracts that will prolong the life of your equipment, reduce the risk of equipment failure, help you meet health & safety obligations, and ensure you get the most out of the equipment you own.

Our work

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Established relationships with leading brands means competitive pricing and unrivaled support

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