Adlib Expands Audio Rental Inventory with L-Acoustics L2 Loudspeakers

Adlib, a leading event technology provider and certified L-Acoustics UK Distributor, is proud to announce the addition of L-Acoustics L2 loudspeakers to its audio rental inventory. The L Series, comprising the L2 and L2D elements, brings unparalleled audio benefits and revolutionises deployment in the live events industry.

"We are thrilled to integrate the L-Acoustics L2 loudspeakers into our inventory. This addition reflects our commitment to providing our clients with cutting-edge technology and the highest standard of audio solutions," said Adlib’s Audio Technical Manager, Ian Nelson.

The L Series sets a new standard in audio performance, offering industry-leading SPL per size, consistent coverage across the audience area, and improved rejection in other spaces. The innovative design allows for a smaller and lighter footprint, reducing truck space requirements and simplifying load-in and load-out processes.

With an unprecedented power density, each L2 element features a combination of high-frequency and low-frequency drivers and side-loaded drivers for efficient broadband coverage. The L-Acoustics Panflex™ technology provides sound designers with flexible directivity patterns, enhancing the listening experience for audiences.

By introducing the L-Acoustics L2 loudspeakers to its audio rental inventory, Adlib continues to uphold its reputation as an expert and leader of innovative event technology solutions in the UK and Europe. This addition strengthens Adlib’s partnership with the renowned French loudspeaker manufacturer, enhancing the delivery of exceptional audio experiences at events of all sizes.