Barco Roadshow Stops at Adlib Liverpool

Barco took their 4K gear onto the road and stopped in Liverpool to demo the Barco UDX range of projectors, including their impressive wide angle right-angle lens and their much anticipated ImagePRO 4K switcher.

The ImagePRO has long been the de-facto standard for image scaling – particularly for LED and awkward or unfriendly video formats. It’s considered by most in the industry as the video “swiss army knife”.

Barco Roadshow at Adlib

Lang UK demonstrating Barco ImagePRO 4K and UDX-4K32’s functionality.

The ImagePRO 4K is their latest in this line of products (proceeding the ImagePRO II) and adds support for up to 4K@60p scaling (the ImagePRO II only handles 4K@30p). Not only does the ImagePRO add full 4K support and 12-bit processing – but it now also seamlessly integrates with their EventMaster series control software – allowing control of all EventMaster devices (including the new ImagePRO 4K) from one piece of software.

ImagePRO 4K Hire

Barco ImagePRO 4K

Barco ImagePRO 4K is built on the same processing platform as the EventMaster series which makes it familiar to users of E2 and S3, but is still easy enough to go up to and just use on the front panel – something the ImagePRO range has always been famed for.

Key facts: 2 channels of scaling available; can be used as either 2x 4K outputs, 1x 4K and 4x HD outputs or 6x HD outputs; controllable by EventMaster software; the latest full 4K capable instalment of the ImagePRO series.

Barco UDX 4K32 Laser Light Source Projector

Barco UDX-4K32 Laser Light-source Projector

Visitors were also treated to Barco’s UDX-4K32 full 4K (16:10) laser light-source projector. The Barco Pulse electronics means warping/image processing happens at the same stage, meaning the latency remains minimal regardless of whether one wants to warp in the projector or not.

Another key selling point of the unit is Barco’s “Flex” solution that offers a rental house to lock down a 30k lumen projector to 20k lumens of output in order to create a more cost-effective option for its customers. Since the rental house only pays once for the unit, the savings can be passed on since 30k lumen projector doesn’t have to be sent out for the price of a 20k one, instead it is limited to 20k for that hire.

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